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Premium Power Bands

Premium Power Bands

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Premium Power Bands

The Premium Power Bands by Fortress are much stronger, more durable and versatile than commonly used resistance bands.
These bands are made of multiple layers of latex bonded together with a strong epoxy. This makes them far less prone to snapping than ordinary resistance bands.

Fortress Premium Power bands are great for:

  • Strength and power training
  • Speed and agility training
  • Jumping/polyometrics
  • Flexibility and traction exercises
  • Joint mobility
  • Pre-Rehabilitation/rehabilitation

The resistance level is marked by the colours of the band:
  • Yellow = Light
  • Red = Medium
  • Green = Heavy
Each band in 104 cm long but vary in width depending on colour:
  • Yellow = 13mm
  • Red = 21 mm
  • Green = 29mm

Made under the international quality standard ISO9002